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If the teeth lose their vitality and consequently chronic inflammation occurs at the tooth root, the loss of a tooth is a common case. It has been proved that such conditions are highly treatable with the advances in canal treatment in contemporary dentistry. However, there may be cases where these methods are also inadequate.  Such cases may be the spread of inflammation at the root to adjacent tissues or the inflammation turning into a cystic lesion. Apical resection steps in such cases

generally, the extraction of the teeth can be considered in such cases. But there is one thing to remember that every tooth root is a dental implant. It is the most biocompatible material with surrounding tissues. For this reason, teeth that cannot be recovered by canal treatment are tried to be cleaned by surgical operation in contemporary dentistry.  For this, apicoectomy can be applied.

How to apply apicoectomy?

In this method called apicoectomy, the tooth apex is revealed by separating the mucosa membrane located on the tooth root. Infected tissues and residues are removed. Then, the root canal is closed by filling it with particular filling materials, in other words by using retrograde techniques. Thus, the healing process starts. In the resection procedure, if the surrounding tissues are completely removed, there is a high probability of recovery. The healed tooth can serve us for a lifetime.



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