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Laminate veneers, as generally known, is a widely used dental veneers. These porcelain veneers, which have become wide-spread since the beginning of 2000s, provide an aesthetic appearance with conservative methods besides causing any dental erosion. The process, called laminate veneer, can eliminate color changes that distort the natural white color of the tooth, minor defects, and deformations.

Contrary to popular belief, laminates are not a type of porcelain. When we mention laminate porcelain that means the preparation includes small etchings from the necessary tooth parts to complement the imperfect look of tooth with aesthetic.

Although many sources state that laminate veneer can be applied without cutting, these cases can only contribute to 30% of all cases that achieve a smooth gingival endpoint and a certain thickness. That means, if necessary, the dentist will make some minor corrections and etching.

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When to apply Laminate Veneers?

The laminated veneers is used for the treatment of many dental problems. It is a very effective method in the following cases; inadequate bleaching; subsequent tooth discoloration caused by smoking, tea and coffee; genetically formed disfigured and discolored teeth; the stains caused by some medicines; regaining the ideal form of improperly positioned teeth that are severely uneven; restoration of broken or eroded teeth for various reasons due to trauma; gap between teeth we call diastema. It is also effective for people who are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth.

Who is suitable for laminate veneers?

Firstly, the dentist need to make a detailed examination before applying laminate veneers. The dentist can apply laminated veneers to any age group who experience any of the mentioned cases.

Who is not recommended to have Laminate Veneers?

If the patient has advanced gingiva problems, it is not recommended to have laminate veneers. The patient can opt for this method after completing the gingiva treatment. On the other hand, the laminate veneer is not recommended in the presence of some obsessions, namely nail-biting, permanent pencil biting, psychological origin behaviors such as tooth bite or jaw deformation.

How to apply Laminate Veneers?

Primarily, a dental impression is taken from the patient first. The shape, height and width are set by modelling wax based on the model derived from this dental impression. Then, this model is transferred to the patient's mouth with specific methods. Following the preliminary idea, preparations made in the teeth according to the targeted result. The primary dental impression is finished with a special wax in line with the shapes previously determined by the technician. This particular wax is applied to the patient, and the final look is determined. Then, the porcelains are pressed by heat treatment.

Once the laminates are finalized, the most significant issue is bonding. Any errors during bonding as well as improper teeth fitting, gingiva problems, and color change of veneer after bleeding can create an irreversible chain of errors for that laminate. Therefore, it is apparent that this work requires very high technical precision.

What Should Be Considered During The Use And Care of Laminate Veneers?

  • -Teeth should be brushed circularly with soft strokes.
  • -Regular mouthwash.
  • -Hard foods should not be chewed or bite with laminate veneers (which is usually applied to the front teeth).
  • -Nail-biting and pen-biting habits should be abandoned.
  • -If there is a habit of clenching or grinding while at sleep, it is necessary to wear a bite guard.
  • -Regular checks should not be neglected.

How long do laminate veneers last?

The patient, who strictly follows the recommendations of the dentist, can use laminated veneers for many years. Laminate veneers are made of porcelain with superior properties. It is resistant to abrasion and staining.

Why laminate veneers are preferred?

Laminate veneers are generally preferred for its treatment duration and appearance. It has a solid coating structure. It is extremely difficult to remove a laminated layer once it is fixed. It can only be removed by etching.

It does not distort the natural structure of your teeth and does not require a change on the tooth. In some cases, it is enough to open a slot just one nail-wide on the teeth.

Since the porcelain layer is thin, it transmits and reflects the light. That gives the tooth a natural look. It does not have an artificial appearance.

The laminated porcelain surface is almost smooth. Therefore, it minimizes the risk of any stains and tartars due to reasons such as coffee and cigarettes.

It offers the patient the opportunity to see the new design of the teeth in advance.

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What is the cost?

Porcelain laminated dental treatment should be applied with an approach that includes a sensitive technique, aesthetics and experience. When compared to other restoration applications, it is a slightly more costly process due to the used material, appearance and application details.



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