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Attentive care after any surgical procedure in the mouth will enable that area to heal quickly and accurately. Recommendations after surgical procedures are as follows;

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What are the recommendations following Surgical Procedures?

It is necessary to avoid eating and drinking for 2 hours.

Cold and hot foods and beverages should be avoided for the first 48 hours. Soft foods that can be easily digestible should be preferred unlike granular foods that can accumulate in the warm and surgical area

Fizzy drinks such as cola and soda and coffee and tea should not be consumed.

It is necessary to stay away from cigarettes and alcohol.

The tampon applied by the dentist should be removed after 30 minutes.

However, in case of unexpected bleeding, a new tampon should be applied. Bleeding into the form of discharge are considered normal.

Spitting constantly and attempts to see the surgical area in front of the mirror should be avoided as they may increase bleeding. Recommendations after surgical procedures should be followed carefully for healthy recovery.

Now you can call for appointment and detailed information:

0212 288 58 57 - 0545 288 58 57

External application of ice prevents swelling of the surgical procedure area and reduces pain. The operation should be done at short intervals and should not be applied for a long time to damage the skin.

If there is a suture in the area, the utmost attention should be taken not to accumulate food residue on the stitches. Cleaning at the surgical area should always be done optimally. Special mouthwashes should be applied, and the suture area should be cleaned with special surgical brushes.


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