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Facial traumas are of great importance both in childhood and in our adult life. In this type of trauma, besides having traumatized teeth, jaw fractures, and cracks may occur in more serious cases. Firstly, the patient should be observed in terms of any lost teeth and fractures or cracks in the jaw in post-trauma.  Then, the jaw opening and closing should be evaluated.

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If cracks or breaks are visible in the teeth, the broken piece should be preserved and consult with the nearest dentist. If the broken part cannot be found, lips and cheeks should be examined, especially in the case of a child. In most cases, broken pieces are stuck in these areas.


Generally, fractures and cracks are treated with minor restorative procedures. But if the broken piece also includes the root surface of the tooth, it can lead to more detailed treatments. It can even cause to procedures leading up to the loss of tooth. A severely traumatized tooth, even though not broken during facial traumas, is also affected by the nerve vein package and may lose its vitality. In this respect, the viability of the traumatized teeth should be followed for months. If it loses its vitality, root canal treatment will be required.

If the teeth dislodge from the socket, which is called avulsion, the teeth should be found, and the crown should be examined quickly. If the tooth has unknown substances on the surface, it should be cleaned with a sterile liquid. During this procedure, there must be no contact or jolt to the root part. Then, the tooth should be placed in the socket without applying too much force. If the situation requires a lot of effort during this procedure related to jaw facial traumas, it should be stopped immediately, and the tooth should be delivered to the dentist quickly in milk or a sterile liquid. Avulsed tooth, which reaches the doctor in favorable conditions, have a very high recovery chance when reimplanted after necessary treatments.

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Following facial traumas, if the patient is having difficulties in opening and closing his mouth, experiences pain during this procedure and in the vicinity of the ear, this firstly suggests joint dislocation. This situation needs to be evaluated by the doctor. In such cases, if there is a jaw fracture instead of a dislocated joint, maneuvers to place the joint back in place will cause the broken pieces to move farther apart and may damage the neural vessel packages in the area.




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