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Contrary to a general belief among society, dental implant application is a highly applicable process. How to perform an implant procedure is a frequently asked question among those who will have this treatment. Implant treatment is performed under local anesthesia. Following surgery, slight swelling and pain may occur in the lower jaw that can be controlled with painkillers. The reason for this is that the bone structure is harder in the lower jaw, whereas this situation is more limited in the upper jaw.

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How the implant made?

In general, dental implant application causes much less discomfort than a tooth extraction. Another issue that stands out more than the question of how to make an implant is what needs to be done after this procedure. After treatment, the patient must use antibiotics, pain killers and mouthwashes for hygiene.

A second appointment is necessary to remove the sutures one week after the dental implant application. The one-week period is essential for the tissue to heal and the wound to seal. Once the sutures are removed, after 2 months of the surgery for the lower jaw and 3 months for the upper jaw, the prosthetic stage begins to complete the superstructure of the implant. Previously planned prostheses are applied according to the patient’s needs. All this information is preliminary information about how to make an implant, but you can get a detailed presentation from Asst. Prof. Dr Özcan Çakmakcıoğlu.




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