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It is true that zirconia crown, launched as an aesthetic crown in recent years, has many positive aspects. The most important features are its perfect compatibility with the prepared model since it is manufactured with CAD-CAM technology. However, it should be known that this material, as the only solution in aesthetic restoration applications on the front teeth, has many aesthetic and physical disadvantages.

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What Does Zirconium Crown Provide?

One of the most primary mistakes in classic metal-supported porcelain crown is the thickness imbalances between the metal substructure and the porcelain. When this type of restoration performed on the teeth, a certain thickness is required. If a sufficient thickness cannot be obtained, the natural porcelain colors cannot be placed on the opaque porcelain layer adequately to mask the underlying metal. As a result, a raw and unnatural greyish appearance will be present. Such errors can only be prevented, so it is imperative that the cut is quite suitable for the anatomical form, and the places corresponding to the contact points must be ready for metal and porcelain with appropriate etching.

Zirconia crown substructure, as is known, is white. Therefore, there is no metal colour to be masked. However, opaque masking is still applied thinly on the dentin even though zirconium is a raw white material. Since the opaque part will be applied to a smaller area, thinner and natural appearance is obtained compared to metal-reinforced porcelain. While this type of advantage occurs in the newly cut teeth and the same advantage is eliminated in the previously cut sections with sufficient space for metal reinforced porcelain. In such cases, there will be no aesthetic difference between direct metal substructures and zirconium prostheses.

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From an aesthetic point of view, the real alternative of zirconia crown is full ceramic restorations such as empress and emax. These materials are fully reinforced ceramics, and there is no opaque internal structure that requires masking. It is available in the desired colour. Therefore, they offer perfect aesthetics. Recently, the varieties of this type of materials prepared directly with cad cam system are highly appreciated. One of the most significant features that distinguish these materials from metal and zirconium reinforced porcelain is its different adhesive system and sensitive process.

Regardless of the type of restoration, the important thing is always performing anatomical cuts and create the appropriate shoulder form for a perfect gingival fit.

If the purpose of our patients is only aesthetic in anterior tooth restorations, full ceramic restorations should be preferred. The zirconia crown is not acceptable material for aesthetics only in the anterior area.




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