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The most frequently mentioned problem in terms of patients in intraoral response is odors caused by previous pain. Fear is a situation based entirely on experience. It is generally not an expected situation for fear to go away on its own. Alternative pain-blocking methods such as general anesthesia and sedation should be used in patients with severe anxiety. Procedures that would normally be performed with a local anesthetic may also be a problem for a patient with this condition. Besides, alternative procedures with local anesthesia should be preferred for patients who have problems in general health status and cannot keep up with normal therapy procedures.

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How to use General Anesthesia and Sedation?

Conscious sedation is the most effective method among general anesthesia and sedation methods used in patients with extreme fear. In this method, the patient is sedated by administering medication through vascular access. On the other hand, necessary procedures are performed in the area supported by local anesthesia. Conscious sedation method can be preferred not only in patients with extreme fear but also in surgical operations and tooth cutting operations that require long efforts because it stagnates and keeps them away from stress. In this procedure, when the patient regains consciousness, he will not remember anything about those experiences. That will prevent any fear of possibilities for future procedures.

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General anesthesia is usually preferred in people with physical handicaps who cannot perform oral dental care. The major issue is the general condition of the patient. If there are too many procedures to be performed in the mouth of the patient, and the sedation will be inadequate, it is more appropriate to perform the procedure in the hospital environment under general anesthesia.



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