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The porcelain bridges reinforced with metal substructure is the oldest method of replacing a missing tooth. Teeth on both sides of the cavity are cut with this system. The cut teeth are then shrunk in the appropriate form. The porcelain layers are applied to the metal substructure prepared according to the dental impressions. By this means, a two or multi-legged porcelain bridge is obtained.

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Why is porcelain teeth important in aesthetic appearance?

There are fine details that can keep the work last for many years while making porcelain teeth. The most important of these is the shoulder that will be prepared on the tooth during the cutting. In this way, porcelain teeth will not apply force on the gingiva. When it is handled with this method, the biological compatibility of the teeth will be proportional. When porcelain crowns applied improperly can cause thickening and inflammation in the gingiva over time. Inflammation may cause bad results that can lead to caries underneath the prosthesis and ultimately to the loss of teeth.

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The second important point about porcelain teeth is the quality of the used materials. Although many people want to talk about the quality of porcelain, the most significant point is the selection of the proper under-porcelain reinforcing material. These materials must be of high quality since they are the material that gets in contact with the surrounding tooth and the gingiva.  For this purpose, the use of gold alloys as the precious metal will ensure the durability of the porcelain coating for many years. It would be wrong to claim that zirconium supported crowns are superior in material compared to gold alloy substructures apart from the advantages it has achieved thanks to computer-aided preparation in recent years.




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