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The teeth are attached to the bone by fibril ligaments before they merge with bone in the mouth. This structure transmits the forces coming from the tooth to the bone in a sophisticated order. This event acts as a kind of suspension. Sometimes systemic disturbances and local effects occur in this link mechanism of the tooth. These distortions may cause complete unions called ankyloses between the tooth and bone. When such teeth need to be removed, several complications can occur. In such cases, bone infection alveolitis treatment can be applied.

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The extraction of ankylosed teeth is difficult compared to regular teeth. While removing a regular tooth within the bone can be as simple as possible, these teeth may require excessive trauma to the bone and sometimes bone removal. Such conditions generally make it difficult to heal and thus heal the bone tissue that remains after tooth extraction. Such conditions in general cause the remaining bone tissue to become bloodstained after tooth extraction, and make it difficult to heal.

Bone Infection Alveolit Treatment

Following the tooth extraction, the patient's compliance with care methods is also effective in the healing process. Failure to provide adequate oral hygiene and hence the loss of the first blood clot, which leaves the area uncovered, allows an inflammatory condition to start on the bone. Advanced pain and odour occur before bone infection treatment. Regardless of the underlying reasons for this inflammation, it depends on the loss of the blood clot that covers the bone. Therefore, it is generally expected that the dentist will apply a number of local pain relievers to that area and enable the area to cover up with a blood clot by allowing bleeding.

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The most important thing to prevent this inflammation, which causes gradually decreasing pain and last up to 9 - 10 days, not to allow it to occur from the beginning. Bone Infection alveolitis treatment is of great importance for this. Appropriate hygiene conditions should be established after any surgical procedure. "In particular, the first 48 hours should be avoided by alcohol and hot drinks.



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