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Maxillary sinuses are natural cavities that function to humidify the air we receive. There is a particular sheath inside these cavities. This sheath opens into the nose through a channel. Following the extraction of the molars, especially in the upper jaw, the sinus cavity causes bone loss over time and droops downwards. After this event, which lasts for years, there is no height available to perform good quality dental implants. In these situations, it is imperative to provide sufficient bone height. For this, open or closed sinus lifting procedure should be performed.

What are the types of Sinus Lifting?

If we need 2 or 3 mm extra bone cavity in the implant length, the sinus floor is pushed from the implant cavity with special tools in the same session where the implant will be placed. This procedure takes much shorter than the other method. Thus, the duration of performing a prosthesis on the implant is much shorter than open sinus lifting.


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Open Sinus Lifting: is applied in cases where the sinus floor collapses excessively and when there is complete bone loss. The sinus floor is augmented by opening a small window from an area close to the sinus floor.  Thus, bone grafts (powders) are filled between the lifted sinus floors. In this procedure, implants are placed after bone healing. Implants can easily be applied to areas that are normally not suitable for implants with the help of these helpful methods, such as open sinus lifting. 


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The use of concentrated growth factors in lifting the sinus floor: It is a method that has been used in combination with piezo surgery methods recently. In the closed sinus method, the sinus membrane is removed from the floor by piezo surgery method, and the growth factors obtained from the patient's blood are injected inside and then, the implant is placed. It has been repeatedly shown that closed sinus lifting is successful even with a bone thickness of 2-3 mm in cases performed with this method. The major advantage of this method is the low risk of infection and a high chance of success.



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