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What does Digital Dentistry Provide?

The digital revolution, which made great advances in technology recently, has become indispensable for dentistry. With the advances in imaging systems, taking dental impressions from the patient's mouth with an old spoon has been slowly put on the shelf instead, digital measurements taken with high-resolution cameras have started to be used. The most prominent system in this technology is CEREC which is produced by the German producer called Sirona. The design of the tooth is done in a short time via software on the computer following digital recording in this system with digital dentistry. The design is prepared in the dental bur, which is also a part of the same system, and applied to the place in 1 hour. Thanks to digital dentistry, measurement and technician processes, which normally take up to 1 week, are completed in 1 hour. Especially the full ceramic metal-free restorations, which constitute the most significant elements of aesthetic dentistry, are performed with this technique. The disadvantages such as the wrong size of impressions, incorrect plaster model are eliminated and the way to perfect restorations is fully opened. 

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