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It is always possible to place the implants easily. Bone operations can be performed in cases such as tooth osteoporosis. It is of great importance that the bone structure of the area where the implant is placed locally is appropriate.


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What is the procedure in case of dental bone loss?

Possible bone resorption and limited aesthetic problems during the implant healing process should not be ignored in people who have been through a tooth extraction before and have a much thinner bone in the extraction area, and who do not pay attention to oral health.  In such cases, a suitable bone for the implant should be formed in the area. Placement of an implant without interfering with the condition of dental osteoporosis may arise other problems. In such cases, instead of placing a thin and short implant in the area, improving bone conditions and placing implants of more suitable sizes will increase long-term success positively. These operations can be performed in many ways. Asst. Prof. Dr Özcan Çakmakcıoğlu provides detailed information to the patient after the examination.




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