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Implants are artificial tooth roots, which are mostly made of titanium material compatible with tissues, placed into the jaw bone for reconstruction, functional use and aesthetic appearance of missing or lost teeth. We would be pleased to meet with you to go through the details of the implant.


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Is the implant advantageous over other treatment methods that serve the same purposes?

Until recently, traditional crowning, palate prosthesis and dental bridges were used to treat missing or lost teeth. However, thanks to the developing medical technology, the dental implant method, which has been applied for about 20 years and has gained popularity, offers safer and functional results compared to traditional methods. It provides a durable and aesthetic appearance for many years. The part of dental implants attached to the jaw bone is made of titanium. Following the treatment, the patient regains his missing tooth with the aid of artificial implant tooth and thus achieves a healthy mouth and teeth structure and ultimately an aesthetic smile.

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How is dental implant treatment performed?

It is a daily operation. The artificial tooth, the root part made of titanium, is placed in the cavity where the missing tooth is present. Titanium is compatible with the jaw bone. The treatment is finalized by the use of porcelain and zirconium.

The treatment usually performed under local anesthesia. Following anesthesia, surgical procedure is performed by cutting the gingiva and revealing the jaw bone. The hole on the jaw bone is expanded and shaped to place the implant tooth root. The dental implant is screwed into the jawbone hole. The gingiva which has been opened up by surgical procedure is sutured and closed. After a few months, a temporary crown that shapes the gingiva is applied to the implant by removing the screw. Once the gingiva is healed, the temporary crown is replaced with a permanent crown called porcelain or zirconium teeth. The treatment is finalized.

What are the reasons for getting an implant crowns?

Implant crowns are artificial dental tissues that do not receive support from anywhere. In this sense, they are comfortable and reliable. They are more robust structures compared to conservative treatment techniques. Dental bridge and crown techniques were used before the introduction of dental implants. One of the disadvantages of these methods compared to implant is that it gets support from intact teeth. And, this support was damaging the intact teeth.

One of the traditional treatment methods is the removable palate prosthesis. A dental implant is a form of treatment that eliminates the negativities of the palate treatment that is not comfortable to use. Palate prosthesis restricts freedom in chewing and mouth movements. As it covers the inside of the mouth, some patients may experience sensation loss. Dental implant stands out as a popular treatment method that solves all these problems. It offers solutions that raise the bar in patients' quality of life.

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If the jawbone is suitable, implant crowns offer total and permanent treatment, even in edentulous patients. Implant crowns have a natural look. Therefore, it provides an aesthetic perception.

If we summarize the benefits of dental implant dental;

A more aesthetic tooth structure and aesthetic smile

Natural look and appearance

Ideal chewing function

Since an appropriate chewing function is ensured, healthy nutrition can be fully realized.

Psychologically, the patient feels better

How long the healing process takes following the treatment?

The healing process of dental implants is not as long as expected. The healing process is successfully overcome by following the doctor's recommendations and using medications. After the treatment, the patient can return to his home and resume daily work. They can easily start eating on the same day.

Patients undergoing general anesthesia should remain under observation for up to 5 hours after the procedure. The rapid recovery of dental implants can be achieved by the rapid recovery of the mouth. The gingiva heals quickly. Improvement in the jawbone begins immediately and fast.

On the other hand, it takes 3 to 5 months for the upper structure of teeth to be formed since the root made of titanium, and the jaw bone integrates in this period. During this time, the jaw bone wraps titanium root properly and fixes the tooth.
The factors that shorten and lengthen this 3-5-month of healing phase are the implant brand and the quality of the jawbone's response to healing. Smoking habit is a factor that prolongs this process. The experience of the doctor and the full compliance of the patients with the doctor's recommendations are the parameters that lengthen or shorten the healing process.

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In which dental problems implant dental treatment is applied?

In case of missing or lost tooth or teeth, or in case of edentulous patient implant dental treatment is effective, long-lasting and aesthetic treatment method.

If we elaborate more on the subject;

In patients with single tooth loss, dental implants are applied to prevent damage to neighboring teeth.

Following missing teeth or various traumas, deformations and loss of volume occur in the jaw bone. In the case of progressive osteoporosis, the prosthesis cannot be used. Two implants are placed in the upper and lower jaw to use the prosthesis. Then, prostheses are placed on these implants.

Dental bridge treatment aimed for lengthy spaces formed by missing or lost teeth may not give the desired result due to the length. Several implants are applied to the empty area to increase the ease of use and durability of the dental bridge.

Prosthetic teeth fixed with implants in the edentulous lower jaws provide effective results. The use of total dentures known as palates in this edentulous area also accompanies various problems. The disadvantages of the palate prosthesis disappear with dental implants.
Who are not suitable for dental implants?

The use of implants is risky and damaging for people under the age of 18 due to incomplete bone formation, diabetic patients who are not under control, cardiac patients who are not controlled by a doctor, and people with thrombosis.

What are the properties of the titanium material used in the implant?

Titanium is compatible with the gingiva and jaw bone. It does not have an allergic effect.

It is resistant to fracture.

It is as strong as steel, 75 per cent lighter than steel.

It is stainless and resistant to high temperature.

It is not affected by many powerful chemicals such as nitric acid and acetic acid.



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