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Recently, one of the most important advancements in the aesthetic dentistry is the introduction of materials called zirconium dioxide for oral use. Although zirconium is perceived as a miraculous material in overcoming many aesthetic and health problems, it is a system that really requires a very fine technical precision.

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What is Zirconium?

Zirconium is a white metal and extracted from nature like granites. It is a natural substance. The difference between zirconium porcelain and other metal porcelain is that the inner core structure is made of zirconium. The porcelains applied on the core structure are similar to each other. Zirconium is more resistant to force and tension than any normal metal. It absorbs horizontal and vertical movements conveniently while chewing. Thanks to these features, zirconium crowns have become popular in aesthetic dentistry recently. Another factor that reinforces this popularity is its natural and white tooth color. However, the most significant feature is that it is obtained with a system capable of scanning and producing in the computer environment and enables physicians and ceramists to avoid possible errors.

How to apply Zirconia Crowns:

First, preparations are made on the teeth. Then the form of the teeth is scanned with a three-dimensional oral scanner and transferred to the computer. There are two ways to perform scanning. The first scanning is done when the tooth has just been cut. Oral scanners and cameras are used. The planning phase is performed in the computerized environment by transferring the image to the computer.

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The second method includes taking a dental impression after the teeth have been cut. These impressions are sent to the laboratory. In the laboratory, special plaster techniques reveal the original dimensions. Then the scanning process of the measurements is carried out with special tools. The scan result is transferred to the computer. The lower structure is put through a rehearsal, and the upper structure consisting of porcelain is sent to the laboratory and the zirconia crowns are made ready.

Instead of conventional dental metal bridges, zirconium, the white substance, is used in the zirconia crowns. This infrastructure is considered as the most advanced item that offers both aesthetics and durability together. The great advantage of zirconium is that it fits perfectly all around the tooth area, and it is perfectly durable.

Why zirconium alloy is preferred in dental treatments?

Zirconium is highly resistant to fraction and distortion and further they are durable porcelain structures. In cases where the classical dental impression methods are insufficient or, it is not possible to achieve the necessary sensitivity, zirconium design can increase these sensitivities.

Zirconium is one of the closest porcelain that has a natural tooth look. It does not create a greyish look because it does not have any metal structure underneath.

It has excellent thermal insulation power. It is highly heat-resistant. It does not cause any reaction or immunological response to cold and hot foods. In this sense, it provides patients with freedom of nutrition.

It is more compatible with gingiva compared to classic metal-based crowns, and increases long-term success considerably.

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What are the advantages that zirconia crowns offer to patients?

Zirconia crowns have many advantages. They are not easily distinguished from natural teeth and they have light transmittance features. Natural teeth also transmit light. Thus, perception of depth occurs in the teeth. Opaque look is not visible in zirconia crowns during the day. When metal-crowns are used, grey discolorations in gingiva may occur over time due to oxidation. However, the structure of zirconia crowns does not cause any discoloration.

Due to its heat-proof feature, hot and cold foods are consumed without worry and sensitivity to the tooth. It is lighter than metal substrate teeth. It also provides perfect aesthetic harmony in the bridges in the posterior region of the teeth.



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