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The expectations of patients have risen drastically recently based on the developments in the field of dentistry. Expectations do not include only a healthy smile, but rather a tailor-made design that meets the need for a favored and characterful smile. The primary condition of a personal look is to get positive results in terms of communication. The first step forward is taken with a sound blend of the patient's expectation, the doctor's prediction and the properties of the materials.

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Smile Design Process

The most significant factors that will determine the design are the physiological features ranging from the person's current tissue condition, the face shape, gingival level, and the distance from his jaw position to the two eye pupils. More or less visible gingival, irregularities in the soft tissues and the presence of an inflamed gingival will spoil the overall appearance and prevent you having a flawless look, no matter how beautiful and vivid teeth you make.

In such cases, the gingiva level should be handled, and if necessary, corrections in the bone tissue should be designed to bring the gingiva to the desired level. In skeletal jaw problems where these procedures are insufficient, first of all, modulations are made in the relative relations of the jaws. Then, the tooth design can start after these processes.

Now you can call for appointment and detailed information:

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Following the necessary configuration of the static tissues and achieving the ideal position, the design process starts.  Many variable are considered in personal designs.  The age of patient, body characteristics, the position of the lip in the normal posture and when smiling.

The easiest way to make this assessment is to record the image with a high-resolution camera for 5-10 minutes during a conversation where the person can reflect his various gestures in the most natural way. The opinion created based on the pictures may not give the correct impression as conscious movements can occur at that time. All details such as the visibility of the teeth and their proportions, smile line, contours, axes and midline should be clarified and designed at this detailed examinations.

What are the Final Stages?

First of all, it is necessary to start with special modelling waxes to avoid any adverse consequences in the final restorations. These waxes are special structures that can be pressed and placed directly into the mouth and rehearsed. If necessary, it is possible to take a new video recording or a photo and examine it with the patient and all details are clarified in cooperation with the doctor, patient and technician. The design, which the doctor considers as the best aesthetic for the patient, may not always meet the expectations of the patient. Following these processes, the wax teeth are put to heat treatment and pressed to form porcelain teeth. In any smile design followed these stages will guarantee the success of fundamental features that includes face shape, personality features and age adaptation, tooth shapes, widths and lengths, and movable or immobile soft tissue relationships.



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